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Press Release
December 17, 2022

Monday, October 31st 2022, 4:08 AM EDT

United States - October 31, 2022 - HOOPr, an online social media application founded by Allan Purnell, a former semi-pro basketball player, with the aim to connect the basketball community is now available for download.

HOOPr online platform is the first app of its kind that combines basketball training and social media. It is an online platform aimed to connect athletes, trainers, and coaches by sharing drills and workouts.

Since its launch, it has been a tremendous resource for the basketball community, with the main objective of fostering communication and sporty drills across basketball players, trainers, and coaches in the United States

Speaking with the Founder and CEO of HOOPr, Allan Purnell, he said “HOOPr was an idea born to bridge the void between basketball players and their coach during the Covid-19 global pandemic. He further stated that the basketball community had no medium to share training techniques or network so we were forced to use other platforms.”

HOOPr has a catalog of trend-setting drills such as shooting, dribbling, defense, and team, among others to elevate the players’ game and ensure a smooth sporty, and training journey along the way. The platform enables a save mode where players can save video for future reference.

Presently, HOOPr is in partnership with Baller4Life, the longest-running and most successful coed club basketball program in Orange County, and Just In Time Fitness and Sports Training. Just In Time Fitness and Sports Training was founded by an ex-professional basketball player, Justin Johnson, who also acts as the Head of the Marketing department. Just in Time is a reputable basketball sport and fitness training program based in Los Angeles.

It is in this regard that Allan Purnell made it clear that Just In Time Fitness and Sports Training's reputation in the basketball training industry will give credibility to HOOPr and serve as a great example of how the app will benefit the basketball community.

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