Aye Pee
January 7, 2022


College basketball allots for 6 timeouts per game, four 75-second and two 30 second (there are also media timeouts every 4 minutes when the game clock is stopped).  In general, coaches use this short window of time  to settle the team down emotionally, draw up a play, adjust a game plan, or to refocus.  Timeouts can be a valuable asset when used correctly but timing is everything.  Here are a few situations where coaches should call timeouts:


They're on FIRE!

If you coach enough games, you will eventually come across a team that "catches fire".  Every shot the opponent takes goes in no matter who shoots it or where they shoot it from.  In the blink of an eye,  your opponent has gone on a 10-0 run. The crowd is going crazy, your team is turning the ball over, players are arguing with each other,  and the game plan has been thrown out the window.  TIMEOUT!!!


Clock Management

Scoring before the end of a quarter, the half or end of game often requires a well executed play.  You've probably gone over these situational plays in practice several times.  As the clock winds down you need the team to refocus and get the right personnel in the game.  You're down by 1 with 20 seconds left in the game and you just got the defensive rebound. What play do you call? Who should take the last shot? Who should be in the game? TIMEOUT!!!



Free Throws

Basketball is a cerebral game.  You need to be focused at all times if you want to perform at a high level. While focus is of the utmost importance, it is also possible to overthink certain situations. Especially when it comes to free throws.  This is the only time in the game where the clock stops and you are alone to take an uncontested shot.   In the normal flow of the game you can miss a free throw and make up for it in the next possession by getting a stop on defense.  But what if there isn't another possession after your free throw attempt and your opponent is at the line to either tie or win the game.  Is there away to make the opponent think about being on an island at the Free Throw line with the weight of the game on their shoulders? Can we make them overthink their shooting technique?  How can we disrupt their focus??? TIMEOUT!!!

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